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Celebrating Earth Day with a look at ELAPP


The Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP) was established by Hillsborough County voters in the late 1980s. Since its establishment, ELAPP has protected over 61,000 acres of rare habitat in Hillsborough County. The citizen led effort to protect valuable wildlife habitat in the county … Continue Reading

Digital Dialogs: A Portrait of Blanche Armwood


In honor of Black History Month, Digital Dialogs would like to highlight the story of one local leader for her commitment to education and equality. Blanche Armwood became a prominent figure on the national stage, known for her dedication to education and social reform … Continue Reading

Over 28M Free Scholarly Articles Now Available with Unpaywall

Find full-text open access articles in your Find It! search results

For over a decade, the open access (OA) movement has been gaining steam with the proliferation of OA article repositories, OA journals, and grantor requirements to make published research openly available. As a result, millions of items are now freely available, but … Continue Reading

Fair Use and the Creation of New Art

Fair Use/Fair Dealing Week: February 22-26, 2021

Fair Use Week is a celebration of the creative possibilities enabled by of one of copyright laws most powerful exceptions. The fair use exception in copyright law establishes that some uses of copyrighted material are fair to use, therefore not infringing on … Continue Reading

How the Public Domain is Important For Art

Inspiration in the Public Domain

Pride and Prejudice, a classic novel by Jane Austen, was written in 1813. It was published under an ancestor to modern copyright law in Great Britain called the Statute of Anne, that would have granted protection for up to 28 years. Similar … Continue Reading

Newly Public Domain Items Get Digitized


At the beginning of each new year, works and materials enter the public domain due to the expiration of copyright. In 2019, the USF Libraries digitized 19 items from our collections to celebrate them entering the public domain. In 2020, we digitized … Continue Reading

Rebekah Brouillette, Graduating Student Spotlight

Fall 2020 Edition

Rebekah Brouillette is one of our student assistants for the Digital Scholarship Services (DSS) in the Tampa Library. She’ll be graduating with a Bachelor’s in Information Studies, specializing in Data Analytics! HOW HAS THE LIBRARY CONTRIBUTED TOWARD YOUR ACADEMIC GOALS? I began … Continue Reading

How the Library Can Support Your Research Lifecycle

Academic Writing Month

The process of creating a research article for publication involves much more than writing, and the process of being published involves much more than article submission.  A published article is new knowledge on which new research can be based, and likely represents … Continue Reading