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Project Overview

Currently, the USF Libraries and Undergraduate Research engage in loosely coordinated but complementary activities that seek to provide all undergraduate students the opportunity to participate in High Impact Practices (HIPs).

In summer 2020, the Library Student Success Instruction unit on the Tampa campus launched a coordinated program that complements these efforts around the University. This program will augment the existing curriculum through a series of online, self-paced workshops that will add value to the faculties’ student learning outcomes and further the effectiveness of HIPs. Once the campus re-opens, we will add scheduled, in-person learning opportunities to the program.


Program Characteristics

Formally defined, scheduled curriculum organized into three tiers:

Tier 1
Essential skills undergraduate students need to participate in USF’s Enhanced General Education curriculum

Tier 2
Essential skills undergraduate students need to succeed in capstone or research methods courses

Tier 3
Essential skills undergraduates need to pursue graduate studies


Spring 2020

  • Develop initial curriculum and assessment protocols
  • Develop marketing campaign to inform faculty of changing instructional model.
  • Collaborate with faculty innovators and academic partners in program design

Summer 2020

  • Pilot curricular elements ready for launch

Fall 2020

  • Launch revised instructional program