A comprehensive list of all library instructional canvas workshops, videos, and guides. Click HERE to read through all workshops and their associate learning outcomes.

Table Key

  • Beginner: Basic introduction to the USF Libraries resources and services
  • Foundational: Building core research skills
  • Intermediate: Building researcher strength with research strategies and sources applicable across disciplines
  • Mastery: Building researcher mastery supporting disciplinary expertise and high impact practices

A-Z PlaylistLearning Outcome InfoWorkshop LevelEnroll Here
APA Citation StyleView InfoFoundationalCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Avoiding PlagiarismView InfoBeginnerCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Changes in Scholarly PerspectivesView InfoIntermediateCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Chicago Citation StyleView InfoFoundationalCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Creating Manageable Topics and Research QuestionsView InfoFoundationalCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Data Literacy 1: Evaluating Graphs, Tables & ChartsView InfoFoundationalCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Data Literacy 2: Communicating with Graphs, Tables, & ChartsView InfoIntermediateCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
EndNote Citation ManagementView InfoIntermediateGuide and Video Playlist
Finding HistoryView InfoMasteryCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Finding Relevant Information for ResearchView InfoIntermediateCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Help, I Need This! How Do I Find it?View InfoFoundationalCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Introduction to Library DatabasesView InfoIntermediateCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
LGBTQ+ History: Archives and Book Collection View InfoMasteryStoryMaps
It's A TRAAP: Evaluating SourcesView InfoBeginnerCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Library Resources for MarketingView InfoMasteryCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
LibSkills GuideView InfoBeginnerGuide and Video Playlist
Literature ReviewsView InfoIntermediateCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
MLA Citation StyleView InfoFoundationalCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Opposing ClaimsView InfoIntermediateCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Primary Sources in the HumanitiesView InfoFoundationalCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Primary Sources in the SciencesView InfoFoundationalCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Creating Research Poster PresentationsView InfoMasteryCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Scholarly Conversations & ModalitiesView InfoIntermediateCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
USF Libraries GIS HubView InfoFoundationalWebsite and Resources open_in_new
USF Libraries Digital 3D CollectionsView InfoMasteryWebsite and Resourcesopen_in_new
DHHC Virtual ToursView InfoFoundationalWebsite and Virtual Toursopen_in_new
Copyright for Content CreatorsView InfoMasteryCanvas Workshopopen_in_new
Creating Virtual Research Presentations View InfoMasteryCanvas Workshopopen_in_new