Pasco County Sinkhole

University of South Florida Library’s Digital Heritage and Humanities Collections (DHHC) researchers conducted a 3D survey of the Pasco County sinkhole near Saxon Lake. DHHC staff are also working to integrate data with collaboration from the USF School of Geosciences, who were collecting Ground Penetrating Radar survey data in conjunction with their (DHHC) GPS work. Additionally, Halo Imaging have been providing access to their RTK drone imagery that has been collected on multiple days and is allowing for meaningful comparison data. The DHHC and USF Libraries are creating this database archive of the research effort, and a web application portal that shares historic maps and information about the environmental history of this area.

To date – the digital collection consists of two 3D models (embedded/Sketchfab), 235 images, two comparison sliders, two map apps (embedded/arcGIS), and one LIDAR 3D point cloud, and 8 press coverage items (articles/audio/video).

Direct link to Online Collection for Pasco County Sinkhole information

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