Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Media Commons Workshops

Frequently Asked Questions

This is our quick access guide to the most common questions that we receive here at the Digital Media Commons.
Note: This is a reference guide for small issues or hot-fixes, not for detailed or extensive questions.

  • Are all the DMC services free?
    Yes, all of the services the Digital Media Commons provides (Equipment loans, Workshops, the Studio, etc.) are already paid for by tuition and funding.
  • How to remove green screens in Adobe Premiere Pro
    In this tutorial, you will find how to quickly and cleanly remove a green screen from a scene in Premiere Pro.

    Link to YouTube
  • Where are Printer/IT/Computer Repair services?
    All of these services are located on the 1st Floor on the west side of the Library, in the Learning Commons Computer area.

    Click here to see a map of the 1st Floor
  • How to transfer files off of the Sony FDR AX-100 (Sony 4k)
    Follow this tutorial on how to connect a Sony FDR AX-100 to a computer.

    Link to YouTube
  • How to Add Badgr badges to Your LinkedIn Profile
    This guide can be found on the DMC Workshops page now, in a super handy visual layout.

  • How do I get access to the Adobe Creative Cloud?
    To gain access to the Adobe Creative Cloud, follow this link and the instructions on the page to request access to the Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • I lost access to my Adobe Creative Cloud, how do I get it back?
    If your account has been locked out and/or your subscription has expired, please contact USF IT as the Digital Media Commons does not handle the creation or activation of accounts as that service is handled by USF IT Services.
  • Do you have Aspen Plus?
    The Digital Media Commons does not currently carry Aspen Plus, however you can access Aspen by signing into the portal at inside the DMC lab, and it will launch within Citrix Receiver.
  • Does the DMC not have iMacs anymore?
    To homogenize our workflow and lab environment, we switched the main Operating System to Windows, enabling more support for troubleshooting, as well as opening up the range of programs we can have in the DMC lab.
  • How do I reserve a DMC Pod?
    USF Faculty, Staff, and TA’s can rent out a DMC pod for use of small classes and work sessions, with permission from the Digital Media Commons.
    You can reserve a space here.
  • Do you loan out projectors?
    Projectors are a first-come, first-serve, on a case-by-case basis. The main Library Services Desk handles projector loans.
    If you have any questions regarding projector loans, contact Loryn Ragsdale
  • How do I dispute a fine?
    If you have received a fine, either from the Digital Media Commons, or the USF Library, follow this link to fill out a form to dispute the fine.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro won’t open my project, what can I do to fix this?
    This issue comes from Premiere Pro’s current software version, where you must save and work on project files in the same version (for example, you cannot open a project saved in a newer version [Version 70] on an older version [Version 67]).

    To work in older version of Premiere Pro, follow this tutorial to export the correct file type.
  • My Adobe Premiere Pro Sequence disappeared, what happened?
    This guide will be coming soon!

    If this happens after you save your project or open another, navigate to your Project Bin and find the Sequence file. (Here is a reference for what the icon will look like).
  • How long can I loan equipment for?
    Equipment loan periods are for three (3) days not counting the day of checkout (e.g. if you checked out a Canon on the 23rd it would be due back on the 26th). You can review our full policy and procedures guide here.
  • Can we store our personal files on the lab computers?
    We strongly recommend you save your information/files either to your Private Student Drive, USF Google Drive, or onto a personal USB drive, rather than saving to the computer, as our hard drives are wiped every two weeks. If you would like more information, refer to our policies and procedures on saving data.