DLF in Tampa

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“Idlewild, Tampa 019” by RLCassidy.com is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

The Digital Library Federation (https://www.diglib.org/) is a library member group that works together to advance research and the development of digital library technologies.  Every year DLF has a forum, open to members and non-members alike, where digital library practitioners can gather, share their work, and learn about the projects of their colleagues at other institutions.  In addition to the innovation and development of digital libraries, DLF focuses on equity, inclusion, and wellness.  Forum activities include active bystander orientation and childcare during the conference.  This year the Forum is in Tampa  – https://forum2019.diglib.org/.

USF Libraries is a member of DLF, and several of our librarians are attending, presenting, and helping out at the Forum.  We are excited to welcome our colleagues from all over the continent to our fabulous city!

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