In the Fall 2017 semester, researchers at the USF Library’s Digital Humanities and Heritage Collection Department (DHHC) collaborated with a graduate student from the College of Public Health on a research project that aimed at calculating the surface area of the human hand. Dr. Travis Doering, co-director of DHHC, welcomed graduate student Myles O’Mara to help complete his thesis for a Master of Science degree in Public Health using progressive 3D technologies. The spatial portion of the research was performed by two technical specialists, Jorge González and Noelia García, who are experts in the application of 3D scanning and modeling technologies. With the collected and processed data, Myles will be able to develop a new quantitative procedure to determine hand surface area from the tracing of a human individual’s hand tracing. His research will benefit health scientists in the fields of occupational health, physiology, and disease control.

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