This project with the National Park Service and documented for PBS by South Carolina ETV, provides baseline data and produce 3D digital records of critically threatened Kosciusko’s Mine and other historic features at Ninety Six National Historic Site. Using three-dimensional terrestrial LiDAR equipment, advanced high-resolution photographic techniques along with carrier-phase RTK and mapping-grade GPS, we captured and documented the contextual terrain and site details of the tunnels and surrounding environs. Additionally, airborne LiDAR and high-resolution aerial imagery were used to examine the larger environment and with other data, assisted in documenting the present state of the site locale and provided valuable larger scale terrain modeling, visualization and information. Public interpretive media will be developed that can be installed in the park visitor’s center and can be used by the park and NPS for web site interpretation and visualization, enhancing, encouraging, and supplementing visitor experience. Examples include 3D Virtual Reality based tours, 3D prints of the underground and terrain features, and Augmented Reality applications for heritage interpretation.

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