Access Services

The Access Services unit is part of the Academic Services Department and is comprised of staff who serve on the Library Services Desk and/or Course Reserves. The Library Services Desk lends library materials to students including books, laptops, chargers, and study rooms among other items and serves as a central point of information about the library on the 1st Floor. The Library Operations Manager for Access Services is Terry Hutchings at 974-4497.

FirstLastPhone #DepartmentEmailOffice #
Jennifer Slagus4-7098LSDslagus@usf.eduLIB621F
Jerry Smith4-6799LSDjerrysmith@usf.eduLIB627
Jessi Hurd4-2787LSDjhurd2@usf.eduLIB627
Jim Gray4-1672LSDjsgray@usf.eduLIB637
Jimmy Velez4-6797LSDjimmyvelez@usf.eduLIB621A
JoAnn DeLarm4-1909LSDjdelarm@usf.eduLIB630
Joel Kennedy-Ramos4-9328LSDjoelr@usf.eduLIB621E
Sarah Grecni4-4182LSDsgrecni@usf.eduLIB119B
Scott Hicks4-6325LSDshicks@usf.eduLIB119A
Stephanie Mackin4-6124LSDmackin@usf.eduLIB103
Teresa Higdon4-1758LSDthigdon@usf.eduLIB102B
Terry Hutchings4-4497LSDtdhutchi@usf.eduLIB125B
Tina Pierson4-6788LSDtmpierson@usf.eduLIB119A