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Laboratory Courses

An excellent way to obtain research experience and network with a potential mentor is to enroll in a laboratory-based course. Many departments offer introductory lab courses that provide hands on or practical experiences that introduce you to the experimental methods utilized within the discipline. Laboratory courses are typically listed in Oasis with an “L” designation (ex. PCB 3023L), however, many require that you also enroll in the corresponding course as a pre or co-requisite. In addition, courses that contain a required laboratory component are listed with a “C” designation (ex. MCB 3023C). Upper level laboratory courses typically require successful completion of the lower level laboratory course. Courses may not be offered each semester and may also require a permit from the instructor.

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Anthropology Anthropology Website »
ANT 2511L Biological ANT Laboratory
ANT 4180 Laboratory Methods in Archaeology
ANT 4520C Forensic Anthropology
ANT 4930 Forensic Anthropology Laboratory
The Arts The Arts Website »
DAN 4404 Intro Laban Movement Analysis
TPA 2290L Technical Theatre Laboratory I
TPA 2291L Technical Theatre Laboratory II
ART 2201C Concepts and Practices I
ART 2203C Concepts and Practices II
PGY 2401C Beginning Photography
Biology (Cell, Micro and Molecular) CMMB Website »
BSC 2011L Biology I Cellular Processes Laboratory
MCB 3023C General Microbiology
MCB 4115C Determinative Bacteriology
PCB 3023L Cell Biology Laboratory
PCB 3063L General Genetics Laboratory
Biology (Integrative Biology) IB Website »
BSC 2011L Biology II Diversity Laboratory
BSC 2093C Human Anatomy and Physiology I
BSC 2094C Human Anatomy and Physiology II
BSC 2932 Vertebrate Zoology Laboratory
BSC 4933 Marine/Freshwater Invertebrate Laboratory
BSC 4933 Parasitology Laboratory
BSC 4933 Tropical Ecology Laboratory
MCB 4404L Microbial Physiology and Genetics Laboratory
PCB 3043L Principals of Ecology Laboratory
PCB 3713L General Physiology Laboratory
Biomedical Sciences

See Chemistry and Biology

for list of laboratory courses

Chemistry Chemistry Website »
CHM 2010L Organic Chemistry Laboratory I
CHM 2011L Organic Chemistry Laboratory II
CHM 2045L General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHM 2046L General Chemistry Laboratory II
CHM 3023L Basic Biochemistry Laboratory
CHM 3610L Intermed Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
CHM 4410L Physical Chemistry
CHS 2440L General Chemistry Laboratory for Engineers
CHS 4301L Clinical Laboratory
Engineering Engineering Website »
CDA 3201L Computer Logic Design Laboratory
CDA 4213L CMOS-VLSI Laboratory
CDA 4213L Computer System Design Laboratory
CEG 4011L Geotechnical Laboratory
CGN 4933 Molecular Biology Laboratory for Engineers
ECH 3023C Materials and Energy Balances
ECH 4240L Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
ECH 4241L Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
ECH 4415C Reaction Engineering
EEL 3115L Laboratory I
EEL 3116L Laboratory II
EEL 4423L Wireless Circuits/Systems Laboratory
EEL 4657L Linear Controls Laboratory
EEL 4705L Logic Laboratory
EEL 4743L Microprocessor Laboratory
EEL 4935 RF and Microwave Laboratory
EEL 4936 Wireless Communication Laboratory
EGN 3331L Mechanics of Materials Laboratory
EIN 4243C Human Factors
EIN 4601C Automation and Robotics
EML 3303L Mechanical Engineering Laboratory I
EML 4302L Mechanical Engineering Laboratory II
ENV 4004L Environmental Engineering Laboratory
Geography/ESP Geography Website »
EVR 2001L Environmental Science Laboratory
GEO 2200L Intro Physical Geography Laboratory
Geology Geology Website »
GLY 2000L Essentials Geology Laboratory
GLY2100L Earth History Laboratory
GLY 4957L Blue Ridge Microanalysis
Nursing Nursing Website »
NUR 3026L Fundamentals of clinical nursing practice
NUR 3066L Clinical Exper in Hlth Assm RN
NUR 3215L Medical Surgical Nurs Clinic I
NUR 3535L Psych/Mental Hlth Nursing Clin
NUR 4216L Med Surgical Nurs Clinic II
Physics Physics Website »
PHY 2048L General Physics Laboratory
PHY 2049L General Physics Laboratory
PHY 2053L General Physics Laboratory II
PHY 2054L General Physics Laboratory II
PHY 4823L Advanced Laboratory
Psychology Psychology Website »
PSY 4004C Physiological Psychology
PSY 4204C Perception
PSY 4680C Cognitive Psychology
World Languages World Languages Website »
ARA 1120L Modern Arabic I Laboratory
ARA 1121L Modern Arabic I Laboratory
CHI 1120L Modern Chinese I Laboratory
CHI 1120L Modern Chinese II Laboratory
FRE 1120L Beginning French I Laboratory
FRE 1121L Beginning French II Laboratory
GER 1120L Beginning German I Laboratory
GER 1121L Beginning German II Laboratory
GRK 1120L Modern Greek I Laboratory
GRK 1121L Modern Greek II Laboratory
HBR 1120L Modern Hebrew I Laboratory
HBR 1121L Modern Hebrew II Laboratory
ITA 1120L Beginning Italian I Laboratory
ITA 1121L Beginning Italian II Laboratory
JPN 1120L Modern Japanese I Laboratory
JPN 1121L Modern Japanese II Laboratory
POR 1120L Beginning Portuguese I Laboratory
POR 1120L Beginning Portuguese II Laboratory
RUS 1120L Beginning Russian I Laboratory
RUS 1121L Beginning Russian II Laboratory
SPN 1120L Beginning Spanish I Laboratory
SPN 1121L Beginning Spanish II Laboratory

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