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Got Journals?

Friday, May 31st, 2013 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, News, Resources, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

We do!  Come in and read the latest issues of  JAIDS, Health Affairs, POZ and Health Services Research.  Here are a few article titles to pique your interests:

JAIDS, 63.2 and 63.supp1

  • The Cost-Effectiveness of Repeat HIV Testing during Pregnancy in a Resource-Limited Setting (L.H. Kim, D.L. Cohan, T.N. Sparks, R.A. Pilliod, Em. Arinaitwe, & A.B. Caughey) – 63.2
  • Temporal Trends in Sexual Behavior among Men Who Have Sex with Men in the United States, 2002 to 2006-2010 (J.S. Leichliter, L.T. Haderxhangi, H.W. Chesson, & S.O. Aral) – 63.2
  • Revisiting the Methodology of Measuring HIV Community Viral Load (O. Xia, E.W. Wiewel, L.V. Torian) – 63.2
  • The Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Network: Translational Research to Reduce Disparities in HIV (M.B. Blank, D.S. Metzger, G.M. Wingood, & R.J. DiClemente) – 63.supp1
  • A New Paradigm for Optimizing HIV Intervention Synergy: The Role of Interdependence in Integrating HIV Prevention Interventions (G.M. Wingood, A. Rubstova, R.J. DiClemente, D. Metzger, M. Blank) – 63.supp1
  • Tailored Treatment for HIV+ Persons with Mental Illness: The Intervention Cascade (M.B. Blank, M.M. Eisenberg) – 63.supp1

Health Affairs, 32.5 (May 2013)

  • Treated Disease Prevalence and Spending Per Treated Case Drove Most of the Growth in Health Care Spending in 1987-2009 (K.E. Thorpe)
  • Independent Review of Social and Population Variation in Mental Health Could Improve Diagnosis in DSM Revisions (H.B. Hansen, Z. Donaldson, B.G. Link, P.S. Bearman, K. Hopper, L.M. Bates, K. Cheslak-Postava … J.O. Teitler)

POZ (June 2013)

  • “National HIV Coming Out Day?” (T. Straube)
  • “Generics Save Money by May Come with Risks” (B. Ryan)
  • “Cure: Gene Therapy Has HIV in a Bind” (B. Ryan)

Health Services Research, 48.3 (2013)

  • Evaluating Survey Quality in Health Services Research: A Decision in Framework for Assessing Nonresponse Bias Free Access (J.R.B. Halbesleben & M. V. Whitman)
  • Mental Illness, Access to Hospitals with Invasive Cardiac Services, and Receipt of Cardiac Procedures by Medicare Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients (Y. Li, L.G. Glance, J.M. Lyness, P. Cram, X. Cai, & D. B. Mukamel)
  • The Relationship between Older American Act Title III State Expenditures and Prevalence of Low-Care Nursing Home Residents (K.S. Thomas & V. Mar)

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons -  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Medical_Journals_As_an_Extension_of_the_Marketing_Arm_of_Pharmaceutical_Companies.png

FMHI Library Computer Lab – TODAY

Wednesday, May 1st, 2013 | Posted in Faculty, News, Resources, Services, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

The FMHI Research Library computer lab is reserved from 4 – 6 PM this evening.

If you need to use a computer during this time, please see a librarian for assistance.

Add to Your Knowledge Bank

Monday, April 22nd, 2013 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, News, Resources, Services, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

New issues of the following journals are available at the FMHI Research Library.

Evaluation and Program Planning (April 2013, v. 37)

This title is available in print and electronically through the USF Libraries E-Journals.

Health Affairs (March 2013, vol. 32 no.3)

JAIDS: Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes

POZ: Health, Life & HIV (April/May 2013)

See the table of contents: http://www.poz.com/archive/2013_Apr_2771.shtml

(Image courtesy of Kjersti Lie, http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Architecture_journals.jpg)

Same Genetic Basis Found in 5 Types of Mental Illness

Thursday, February 28th, 2013 | Posted in Faculty, News, Resources, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

Read the full study (“Identification of risk loci with shared effects on five major psychiatric disorders: A genome-wide analysis”) online at http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2812%2962129-1/fulltext.  (Log in to MyUSF to access the full text, available through Science Direct.)

A synopsis is available  in the February 28th edition of The New York Times online.

Online, All the Time

Thursday, February 21st, 2013 | Posted in Collections, News, Resources, Services, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

Have you seen the USF Libraries’ online tutorials? 

  • Research 101 Tutorials will teach you the basics.  Need to learn how to use the catalogue? Unable to find books and articles?  Check out these interactive videos.
  • FMHI Instructional Videos provide advanced instruction for conducting research in behavioral and community sciences.  From organizing your paper to publishing it, we’ve got you covered.

Still need help? Give us a call at (813) 974.2729 or shoot us an e-mail.

Read All About It

Thursday, February 21st, 2013 | Posted in Collections, News, Resources by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

New issues of the following journals are available at the FMHI Research Library.  Stop in, pull up a chair, and read at your leisure:

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (Winter 2012, v. 45 no. 4):

JAIDS: Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes (February 1, 2013, v. 62 no. 2)

Health Affairs (January 2013, v. 32 no. 1) AND (February 2013, v. 32 no. 2)

Evaluation and Program Planning (February 2013, v. 36 no. 1)

POZ: Health, Life & HIV (January/February 2013)

(“Woman Reading,” ca. 1890.  Image courtesy of National Media Museum-Kodak Gallery Collection)

Traumatic Events & Mental Health

Monday, December 17th, 2012 | Posted in News, Resources by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

Traumatic events can be extremely difficult to handle, especially during the Holidays.  Please remember that you do not have to cope with these events alone.  USF, USF Libraries and the greater Tampa Bay Community provide resources to help you and those you love get through difficult times:

Health Affairs, vol. 31 no. 12

Thursday, December 13th, 2012 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, News, Resources, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

The December 2012 edition of  Health Affairs is available at the FMHI Research Library.

Volume 31, number 12: “Topics in Public Health, Medicare Advantage, Health Reform Post Election”

From the Editor-in-Chief

  • ‘A pony in here somewhere’: Seeing hope in health care (Dentzer, 2602)

Entry Point

  • Post election, The Affordable Care Act leaves the intensive care unit for good (Jacobs & Ario, 2603)

Medicare Advantage

  • Analysis of Medicare Advantage HMOs compared with traditional Medicare shows lower use of many services during 2003-09 (Landon, Zaslavsky, Saunders, Pawlson, Newhouse, Ayanian, 2609)
  • Steps to reduce favorable risk selection in Medicare Advantage largely succeeded, boding well for health insurance exchanges (Newhouse, Price, Huang, McWilliams, Hsu, 2618)
  • New risk-adjustment system was associated with reduced favorable selection in Medicare Advantage (McWilliams, Hsu, Newhouse, 2630)

People and Places

  • Casting the light of the dismal science on health care (2629)

Consumer-Directed Plan

  • In consumer-directed health plans, a majority of patients were unaware of free or low-cost preventive care (Reed, Graetz, Fung, Newhouse, Hsu, 2641)


  • Hospital pay-for-performance programs in Maryland produced strong results, including reduced hospital-acquired conditions (Calikoglu, Murray, Feeney, 2649)

Transitional Care

  • Low-cost transitional care with nurse managers making mostly phone contact with patients cut rehospitalization at a VA hospital (Kind, Jensen, Barczi, Bridges, Kordahl, Smith, Asthana, 2659)

Interprofessional Education

  • Results of an effort to integrate quality and safety into medical and nursing school curricula and foster joint learning (Headrick, Barton, Ogrinc, Strang, Aboumatar, Aud, Haidet, Lindell, Madigosky, Patterson, 2669)


  • Disclosure-and-resolution programs that include generous compensation offers may prompt a complex patient response (Murtagh, Gallagher, Andrew, Mello, 2681)

The Care Span

  • Hospices’ enrollment policies may contribute to underuse of hospice care in the United States (Carlson, Barry, Cherlin, McCorkle, Bradley, 2690)

Reducing Tobacco Use

  • Smoking bans linked to lower hospitilizations for heart attacks and lung disease among Medicare beneficiaries (Vander Weg, Rosenthal, Vaughan Sarrazin, 2699)
  • Analysis of media campaign promoting smoking cessation suggests it was cost-effective in prompting quit attempts (Villanti, Curry, Richardson, Vallone, Holtgrave, 2708)
  • Simulation of quitting smoking in the military shows higher lifetime medical spending more than offset by productivity gains (Yang, Dall, Zhang, Zhang, Arday, Dorn, Jain, 2717)

Immigrant Health

  • Undiagnosed disease, especially Diabetes, casts doubt on some of reported ‘advantage’ of recent Mexican immigrants (Barcellos, Goldman, Smith, 2727)

Public Health Topics

  • Salt and public health: Contested science and the challenge of evidence-based decision making (Bayer, Johns, Galea, 2738)
  • Reducing racial and ethnic disparities in colorectal cancer screening in likely to require more than access to care (Stimpson, Pagán, Chen, 2747)
  • Bioterrorism and biological threats dominate federal health security research; Other priorities get scan attention (Shelton, Connor, Uscher-Pines, Pillemer, Mullikin, Kellermann, 2755)

Global Health

  • China’s rapidly aging population creates policy challenges in shaping a viable long-term care system (Feng, Liu, Guan, Mor, 2764)
  • In urban and rural India, a standardized patient study showed low levels of provider training and huge quality gaps (Das, Holla, Fas, Mohanan, Tabak, Chan, 2774)

Young Leaders

  • Applying data analytics and information exchange to improve care for patients (Amarasingham, 2785)
  • Promoting health and development in Detroit rhrough gardens and urban agriculture (Atkinson, 2787)
  • Employing behavioral economics and decision science in crucial choices at end of life (Halpern, 2789)
  • Understanding the health impact of racism—and trying to reverse it (Kwate, 2791)
  • Using digital communications and social media to redraw rhe cardiac care map (Merchant, 2793)
  • Creating a new model to help health care providers write prescriptions for health (2795)
  • Bucking conventional wisdom and focusing on disparities to address kidney disease (Peralta, 2797)
  • Drawing on communityorganizing to advance public health in Minnesota and beyond (Schrantz, 2799)
  • Bringing the concepts of peer coaches and local health workers from Africa to Harlem (Singh, 2801)
  • Healing a community by innovating at a community health center (2803)

Web First

  • A survey of primary care doctors in ten countries shows progress in use of health information technology, less in other areas (Schoen, Osborn, Squires, Doty, Rasmussen, Pierson, Applebaum, 2805)

Narrative Matters

  • As she lay dying: How I fought to stop medical errors from killing my  mom (Welch, 2817)


  • The SCAN Foundation’s framework for advancing integrated person-centred care (Shugarman, 2821)

Health Services Research, vol. 47 no. 6

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012 | Posted in Faculty, News, Resources, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

The  most recent edition of Health Services Research (vol. 47 no. 6, December 2012) is available at the FMHI Research Library.

Best of the Academy Health Annual Research Meeting
Use and Costs
Quality of Care
Post-Acute Care
Health Plan and Physician Availability
Methods Articles

Best of the Academy Health Annual Research Meeting

  • Comparative cost-effectiveness of interventions to improve medication adherence after Myocardial infarction (Ito, Shrank, Avorn, Patric, Brennan, Antman, & Choudhry, p. 2097)
  • The impact of hospital pay-for-performance on hospital and Medicare costs (Kruse, Polsky, Stuart, & Werner, p. 2118)

Use and costs

  • Cost-effectiveness of an electronic medical record based clinical decision support system (Gilmer, O’Connor, Sperl-Hillen, Rush, Johnson, Amundson, Asche, & Ekstrom, p. 2137)
  • Food insecurity, processes of care, and self-reported medication underuse in patients with Type 2 Diabetes: Results from the California Health Interview Survey (Billimek & Sorkin, p. 2159)
  • Adoption of diagnostic technology and variation in Cesarean Section rates: A test of the Practice Style Hypothesis in Norway (Grytten, Monkerud, & Sorensen, p. 2159)
  • A two-compartment mixed-effects gamma regression model for quantifying between-unit variability in length of stay among children admitted to intensive care (Straney, Clements, Alexander & Slater for the ANZICS Paediatric Study Group, p. 2190)
  • Is there a statistical relationship between economic crises and changes in government health expenditure growth? An analysis of 24 European countries (Cylus, Mladovsky, McKee, p. 2204)

Quality of care

  • Clinical quality performance in U.S. health centers (Shi, Lubrun, Zhu, Hayashi, Sharma, Daly, Sripipatana, & Ngo-Metzger, p. 2225)
  • Chronic illness and patient satisfaction  (Carlin, Christianson, Keenan, & Finch, p. 2250)
  • The patient-centered medical home and patient experience (Martsolf, Alexander, Shi, Casalino, Rittenhouse, Scanlon, & Shortell, p. 2273)

Post-acute care

  • Assisted living expansion and the market for nursing home care (Grabowski, Stevenson, & Cornell, p. 2296)
  • Rehospitilization in a national population of home health care patients with heart failure (Madigan, Gordon, Fortinsky, Koroukian, Piña,& Riggs, p. 2316)

Health plan and physician availability

  • The impact of the Affordable Care Act on Medicare Advantage Plan availability and enrollment (Afendulis, Landrum, & Chernew, p. 2339)
  • Residential segregation and the availability of primary care physicians (Gaskin, Dinwiddie, Chan, & McCleary, p. 2353)

Methods Articles

  • Choosing models for health care cost analyses: Issues of nonlinearity and endogeneity (Garrido, Deb, Burgess, Jr., & Penrod, p. 2377)
  • A nonparametric statistical method that improves physician cost of care analysis (Metfessel & Greene, p. 2398)

National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

Monday, October 29th, 2012 | Posted in Faculty, News, Resources, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

In 1983, President Ronald Reagan designated November as National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month.  Today, nearly 30 years later, more than 5 million people live with the disease.

To learn more about Alzheimer’s, visit the Alzheimer’s Association.  For books and other resources about Alzheimer’s and related diseases, visit the USF Libraries:

Select E-Journals

FMHI Research Library

Shimberg Health Sciences Library

Tampa Library

USF in Lakeland


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