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Colleen Lunsford Bevis

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, News, Services, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

The FMHI Library extends sincere condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Colleen Lunsford Bevis (d. October 11, 2013).  Mrs. Bevis was a staunch advocate for children’s mental health services and is well-regarded for her work in this and related areas.

The FMHI Library maintains a collection of  Colleen Bevis’ papers, which document her work and committment towards improved child welfare services in the state of Florida.  The collection is open to researchers. View the collection guide online.

For more information, contact Librarian and Archivist Tomaro Taylor: tomaro@usf.edu.

Library Books – At Your Service

Thursday, October 10th, 2013 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, News, Services, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

Commuter Student? Only on campus once or twice a week?  Consider using the USF Libraries’ Shelf Service.  With Shelf Service, you can request that items from the FMHI Library’s circulating collection be retrieved from the shelves and held at our front desk for your arrival.  (The Tampa Library provides this service, too!).  Requests are limited to circulating books and media.  At this time, you will not be able to request the FMHI Library’s archival collections or tests & measures via Shelf Service.

Good to Know:

  • Limit of 5 items per day.
  • Items held for 7 days.
  • Please allow 1-2 days for pick-up.
  • The service is only available Monday – Friday.

If you are USF Faculty, please continue using the Libraries’ PRONTO Service.

Questions?  Give us a call at 813-974-4471.

October is American Archives Month

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, News, Resources, Services, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

“What’s an archive?” you say?  Visit the FMHI Research Library to find out.  You can also learn about our archival research collections by visiting: http://lib.usf.edu/fmhi/archives/historical-records-papers/.  (Additional collections are available at the USF Tampa Library Special Collections).

How can archives benefit your research?

  • Archives provide records of activity, which can be used to understand the functions, purpose,  interests, and goals of organizations and individuals.
  • Archival records can be current or non-current, which  allows researchers to better understand the context within which certain activities occur.
  • In addition to printed or textual  information, archives can include images, audio recordings and visual materials  – a wide-range of items that can support and complement your research from various angles.

What are some of the FMHI Library’s archival collections?
(If you don’t know what a finding aid is, click it to find out! Or, here’s a hint – a finding aid is a detailed description of a collection’s contents.)

  • Colleen Lunsford Bevis collection >> finding aid
  • Dr. Charles S. Mahan papers (currently, only select materials are available for research use)
  • Florida Commission on Mental Health and Substance Abuse papers  >> finding aid
  • Florida Study Commission on Child Welfare papers >> finding aid
  • JCAHO Papers on the Accreditation of FMHI >> finding aid
  • National Commission to Prevent Infant Mortality papers
  • Joseph B. Sidowski research materials >> finding aid
  • David C. Speer research materials
  • SEDNET: Multiagency Service Network for Severely Emotionally Disabled Students >> finding aid

How do I use the FMHI Library’s archival research collections?
All researchers are asked to read this page first and this page second.

Contact FMHI Librarian and Archivist, Tomaro Taylor at tomaro@usf.edu or (813) 974-5750.

Have you seen PILOTS?

Tuesday, September 24th, 2013 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, News, Resources, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

No, it’s not a movie. It’s the name of a database covering all aspects of traumatic stress and mental health sequelae, as covered in the international literature.  PILOTS, which stands for “Published International Literature on Traumatic Stress,” is sponsored by the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

Here’s an example of the resesarch literature found when using the database:

  • PTSD onset and course following the World Trade Center disaster: Findings and implications for future research. (2009). Boscarino, J.A., & Adams, R.E. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 44.10.
  • Gender differences in prescribing among veterans diagnosed with posttraumatic stress disorder. (2013). Bernardy, NC., Lund, BC., Alexander, B., Jenkyn, AB, Schnurr, PP. Journal of General Internal Medicine 28. Suppl. 2.
  • New directions for research examining sexual trauma histories of gay men. (2000).  Cassese, J. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services 12.1/2.
  • The intercultural setting: Encountering black Viet Nam veterans. (1985). Parson, EW. In The Trauma of War: Stress and Recovery in Viet Nam.
  • “Irgendwann (…) werde ich ihm die ganze Wahrheit sagen”: Leben mit dem Kind eines Vergewaltigers nach dem Genozid in Ruanda = “Some day (…) I’ll tell him the whole truth” — living with a child born out of rape after the genocide in Rwanda. (2012). Keienburg, S., & Griese, K. Trauma und Gewalt 6.2.
  • Psychiatric effects of the civil war in Lebanon. (1983). Nasr, S., Racy, J., & Flaherty, JA. Psychiatric Journal of the University of Ottawa 8.4.

** How do you find PILOTS?  Make sure you’re on campus or logged into campus resources using MyUSF.  Go to the USF Libraries’ website at www.lib.usf.edu.  Select RESEARCH TOOLS from the menu bar at the top of the screen.  Select DATABASES BY TITLE and search for PILOTS (no, it doesn’t have to be capitalized) on the next screen.  Voilà!  Instant access.

CFPs & Conference Announcements: Mental & Behavioral Health

Friday, September 20th, 2013 | Posted in Faculty, News, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

Call for Proposals

Chapters: Book on Military Psychology
Submissions due: October 15, 2013

Chapters are invited in the following areas:

  1. Selection, Classification, & Placement of service personnel
  2. Combatant Perception, Role identification and Combatant- Environment Fit
  3. Planning, Organizing, Monitoring & Managing Missions
  4. Leadership, Ethics & Combat Effectiveness
  5. Operational Psychology: Pre-deployment, deployment & Post-deployment issues
  6.  Combat Preparedness & Readiness: Morale; Motivation;Psycho-social resilience & Stress Management;  Attitude Modulation; Subjective Well-being, Self-efficacy & Quality of Life; Meaningfulness in combat life; Psychological Capital, etc.
  7. Changing contexts, Adaptive Learning & Operational efficiency: Cyber-warfare; Terrorism; Information warfare; Indirect/Remote wars (eg. Drone attacks, UAVs. etc.)
  8. Undesirable or Misconduct Behaviours in Armed Forces : Nature & Interventions
  9. Human factors & Ergonomics: Cognitive; Non-cognitive (Affective, Behavioural, Physical)
  10.  Organizational Effectiveness in Armed Forces: Group Effectiveness & Esprit-de-corps; Trust Building; Communication
  11.  Effective Military Training : Inducing & sustaining battlemind
  12.  Efficacy of Counselling in Military
  13.  PsyOps & PsyWar: Conventional to non-conventional strategies a. Rumor & Propaganda: Perception Management; Social Engineering
  14.  Gender Issues in Armed Forces
  15.  Cultural Sensitivity & Adaptability in Armed Forces
  16.  Prisoners of War: Issues & concerns
  17.  Combatant & Family: Marital concordance; Children: Secondary Traumatization; Societal Support & Resilience; Healthy lives
  18. Armed Forces & Society
  19.  Spinoffs of Military Psychology : Role & Scope

Dr Nidhi Maheshwari
Defence Research & Development Organization
Email: nidhi78_m@yahoo.co.in


“An Epidemiology of Information: New Methods for Interpreting Disease and Data.”  A Virginia Tech Research Symposium.
Date: October 17, 2013
Location: Arlington, VA.
Info: http://www.flu1918.lib.vt.edu/?page_id=158

Two-day in-person seminar on Mastering the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules: Coping with Rule Changes, Managing Incidents, Preparing for Audits, and Avoiding Penalties
Date: October 24, 2013
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Info: http://www.globalcompliancepanel.com/control/hipaa_privacy_security?channel=mailer&camp=seminar&AdGroup=gcpseminar

Join Us for the Common Read: 9/26 in LIB258

Friday, September 20th, 2013 | Posted in Faculty, News, Students, Workshops by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

On Thursday, September 26 at 4PM, FMHI Librarian Tomaro Taylor will host an informal book discussion of this year’s Common Read Experience, The Immortal Life of Henrietta LacksThe discussion will be held in the USF Tampa Library, Room 258.

Come out and join the discussion, even if you haven’t read the book!  Snacks will be provided.

Click here for more information, or contact Tomaro at tomaro@usf.edu.

Need Help Using Databases?

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013 | Posted in Faculty, News, Services, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

Some of the most commonly used databases in the College of Behavioral and Community Sciences include:

If you need help using these or other databases, let us know!  Schedule a research consultation today: http://lib.usf.edu/fmhi/contact-us/.

Suicide Prevention Week: September 8-14

Sunday, September 8th, 2013 | Posted in Collections, Faculty, News, Services, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

September 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day; take 5 to save lives.

Select publications on the topic of suicide & suicide prevention available through the USF Libraries include:

  • Crisis counseling, intervention and prevention in the schools (2013): e-book
  • Preventing college student suicide: New directions for student services (2013): e-book
  • A special scar: The experiences of people bereaved by suicide (2013): e-book
  • When the warrior returns: Making the transition at home (2012): e-book
  • Counselling suicidal clients (2010): e-book
  • Now I lay me down: suicide in the elderly (1994): USF Tampa Library, HV6545.2.N68 1993
  • Annual report – National Office for suicide prevention: reports, 2005-2013
  • Archives of suicide research: e-journal
  • Crisis: e-journal
  • Suicide and life-threatening behavior: e-journal

Community resources include:

Image courtesy of American Association of Suicidology.

Welcome, Faculty & Staff!

Monday, August 26th, 2013 | Posted in Faculty, News, Resources, Services by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

For over 35 years, the FMHI Research Library has provided services directly supporting the research, teaching and educational activities of the Louis de la Parte Florida Mental Health Institute -  and we’re just getting started.

Librarians Claudia Dold and Tomaro Taylor are here to assist in- and outside of the classroom.  Whether you need assistance formulating a literature review, finding materials to support your research or grant activities, or helping your students navigate the wealth of library resources available, we’re here to help!  We’re also here to provide basic support for Canvas, EndNote, RefWorks, PRONTO, PRESTO, and APA Citation style.

  • Schedule a consultation for either yourself or your student by using our online form.
  • Schedule the FMHI Library Classroom for a workshop or training session by contacting Tomaro.

We look forward to working with you and your students this semester and beyond!  See you in the library.

FMHI Library Hours: August 19 – December 8

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013 | Posted in Faculty, Hours, News, Services, Students by Tomaro Taylor | No Comments »

Please note that the FMHI Library’s hours will change as we transition into the Fall Semester:


  • August 19-23: 9AM – 5 PM
  • August 24 – 25: CLOSED


Fall Semester

  • August 23-December 8: OPEN Monday – Thursday, 8 AM-6 PM, and Friday, 8 AM-5 PM.  CLOSED Weekends.
  • Monday, September 2: CLOSED
  • Tuesday, November 11: CLOSED
  • Thursday & Friday, November 28-29: CLOSED

For information regarding scheduled classes, workshops or temporary closures, please refer to our calendar.

“Eternal Clock” image courtesy of Robbert van der Steeg and Wikimedia Commons: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Eternal_clock.jpg.


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